Future Grade 9 FAQs 


Student Clubs  

As answered by Student Council President 


What clubs are there at PDHS? 

We currently have Student Council, AVMR (Audio-Visual, Media, Robotics), Book Club, Eco Club, Panther Pride, and Business Club (DECA). Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Athletics Council and Social (dance) Committee are currently on hold. If you would like to start a new club all you need is a few other students interested in joining and a teacher advisor. There are many other extracurriculars such as Math Contest, Chess competitions, Band (Jr., Sr., and Jazz), Musicals/Plays, and sports teams. 

How do I join clubs? 

With a few exceptions, all clubs are an open-door policy. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to show up to meetings of any club. Some competition-based groups require you to sign up at certain times so you can be registered for competitions. Signups are offered at that clubs first few meetings. An updated club list is distributed every year listing the clubs that are running, where they meet, and when they meet. Many clubs also make announcements and display posters to recruit new members. Finally, all grade nines attend the club fair in September where they can see the variety of clubs and ask representatives questions. 

Why should I join clubs? 

Clubs offer many benefits and opportunities. They allow students to try new things, meet new people, and gain new knowledge. Involvement in clubs is also a great inclusion on resumes and applications as they show initiative, commitment, and good time management. 

What positions can I have within a club? 

All clubs have a student head position (sometimes this position is shared). Every club has its own selection process for this. It is often held by a senior student who has shown commitment to the club and leadership potential. Student Council has additional positions such as Secretary, Public Relations manager, and Grade Representatives. Each grade has one or two students chosen by their grade to represent them on the council. We strongly encourage grade nines to sign up and take on this great leadership position.   


Student Life 

As answered by Student Council President  

What does the first day look like? 

Staff and Senior students have long been perfecting our strategy for the first day of High School to make it as easy as possible for new students. We remind you to bring your binder, writing utensils, lunch, class schedule, bus schedule and anything else you may need. Once you arrive, our Caring Senior Students (CiSS leaders) will be at every entrance in their bright green shirts happy to direct you to your classes. Your period one teacher will have further instructions on where to sit and what locker to pick. On the first day teacher often go over school/classroom expectations and run some fun activities. Towards the end of period one, CiSS leaders will come to your class. They often run ice breaker activities, give advice about High School, share information about our activity day, and direct you to your period two class. At lunch, you are free to eat outside or in the cafeteria. After that, you will go to your period three and four classes before being dismissed for the day. If you need any help throughout the day or at any point in High School, please ask your teachers as they will be more than willing to help. 

How much homework will I have? 

Levels of homework vary by student. Students who use and manage their class time well often have less homework than those who don’t. Many assignments are intended to be completed in class. Work done at home is more often preparing for tests and presentations or working on a larger assignment. Almost all students find time to do extracurriculars, work a job, have a social life and do their homework. 

What is the difference between High School and Elementary School?  

High school offers students more opportunities to join clubs, take specialized courses, and explore their interests. The biggest difference students often noticed is the increased freedom in High School. It should be noted that with freedom comes responsibility. If you choose to leave campus for lunch, make sure you are back before class starts. If you will be out of class for sports or other activities, talk to your teacher in advance so you don’t miss anything.  

Will I get lost? 

While the school has an interesting layout, most students don’t get lost. Techers are very understanding if you do have a hard time finding your class the first day. In August we offer a registration day where students can find their classes for the semester. We also remind you that if you are having a hard time finding you class, please ask someone for help. Most students can find their four classrooms within their first week and can find all key places in the school by the end of September. 


Curriculum Questions 

Answered by Staff Members 


Do students have to take the Grade 9 Exploring Technology Course to take a Grade 10 Tech class?  

No, the Grade 9 class is not a prerequisite for any of the Grade 10 tech classes. 


Do we offer a course in Carpentry?  

Yes Grade 12 - Carpentry TCC4E, need prerequisite Grade 11  


Do we offer Graphic Design?  

Yes, offered in Grade 10,11,12  Grade 12 TGG4M Communications Technology: Print and Graphic Communications 


Is there an opportunity for students to complete more advanced level projects?   

Yes.  Projects are based on the availability of machines, tools, and materials. The costs are covered by the student for larger projects that exceed the designated budget per student.  


Do you need to know how to play an Instrument? 

No. You don’t need to know how to play an instrument. „In Grade 9 we start at the beginning. „If you already play, you can choose the same instrument, or choose a new one 


Do you need to know how to read music? 

No. The skill of reading music is taught and developed throughout the semester. Students who can read music already have an advantage, but most students taking grade 9 music don’t know how to read music when they start. 


What does PDHS Music have to offer? 

You choose the Instrument you want to play: Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion Instruments! 

There are enough instruments for each student to have their own instrument assigned to them. We have had a growing and thriving music program; even through the pandemic! 

Performance Opportunities include: Christmas Concert,  Spring Concert,  Wonderland Music Festival,  Music Competitions -Regional and National (PDHS Bands performed at Nationals in 2015, 2017, invited in 2020 and 2021),  Field Trips (Toronto Symphony Orchestra, etc.) 


What electives are available for Grade 9 and 10 (and how many do you get?)  

Grade 9 students have 2 elective credits and Grade 10 students have 3.  Elective credits may include: Art (visual, music, drama), Technology (Gr. 9 Exploring Tech, Gr. 10 Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Design, or Communications), Business, Foods, Computers, or Physical Education. 


What are the compulsory courses for Grade 9 and 10? 

Grade 9: English, Math, Science, French, Physical Education and an Art 

Grade 10: English, Math, Science, History, Civics/Careers (1/2 credit each) 


Do French Immersion students take the same course as Core French students?   

Yes, we currently only offer one Grade 9 French credit.