Ed Tech Support

Office 365 – all Grand Erie Staff and Students have access to a full suite of Microsoft tools and resources through their Office 365 account

  • Go to www.office.com – login with your Board email and password
  • For students this looks like username@granderie.ca where “username” is the same thing used to login to Board devices and the password is the same one used to login to Board devices
  • Includes FREE installation of Microsoft Office on personal devices at home
  • Office 365 includes powerful learning tools like Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Sway, Forms, Stream, Skype, etc.

Quick Tip Guides


Class Notebook



Identifying Ed Tech Devices:
Other than iPads in our Self-contained Spec Ed and Kindergarten classrooms, you will find three different types of Ed Tech devices in Grand Erie classrooms.

Phase 4 & 5 Phase 6 Phase7
Dell Venue 11's Dell Venue 10's HP Probooks

Dell Venue 11 Student Device

Dell Venue 10

Hp Probook


GEDSB is now using PowerTeacher Pro to generate student reports. We are continually developing new resources to support teachers using PowerTeacher Pro.

PowerTeacher Pro Help:
This is a manual provided by PowerTeacher Pro

Secondary Progress Report Entry:
Downloadable Instructions
Step By Step Video

Secondary Term & Semester Reports:
Downloadable Instructions
Step By Step Video

Kindergarten Communication of Learning:
Downloadable Instructions
Step By Step Video

Elementary Progress Reports:
Downloadable Instructions Grades 1 - 6
Downloadable Instructions Grades 7 & 8
Step By Step Video - Part 1 Learning Skills Entry
Step By Step Video - Part 2 Curriculum Expectations
Step By Step Video - Part 3 Printing Reports

S: Shared network drive is no longer available:
As of July 2018 the S-Share network drive is no longer available to staff and students. In the past teachers have used this network storage space to share files with students and other members of their school communities. Linked above, you will find a document that will explore a number of resources that are available to meet the needs of Staff and Students in the absence of the S-Share Network Drive.

Self Serve Password Reset:
GEDSB staff and students can reset their Board password by logging into Office 365.

Network H: Drive Migration to OneDrive:
Migrating your files from H: Drive to OneDrive and supporting your students using OneDrive as a replacement for their H: Drives.
Also check out these additional resources:

Linked below are Ed Tech updates that have been presented during monthly Director's meetings. These updates are intended for GEDSB administrators and staff.

To access these updates you will need to provide your GEDSB username and password.

GEDSB Ed Tech Wiki:
The Ed Tech WIKI first became active in the first Phase of the Ed Tech Initiative. It was the home of all software and web app resources, tutorials, slideshows, videos, etc. through the first four years of this initiative. I was also utilized to support our Ed Tech workshops. Check it out for items of interest to you.

Grand Erie Ed Tech Guide:
We used a OneNote notebook to support GEDSB staff using the Educational Technologies that were available in classrooms across the board. Check it out.