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Grand Erie will improve student engagement and achievement by embedding technology into daily teaching

and learning to ensure that education is a relevant, collaborative, and interactive experience

Welcome to the Grand Erie Ed Tech Website

The Ed Tech Team supports the Grand Erie community around learning and teaching with technology to support the Global Competencies as aligned with the 21st Century Competencies document.

We provide support to staff through professional learning opportunities customized to reach learners where they are in their technology understanding. We support student learning by working collaboratively with staff and students to build learning activities that highlight technology tools that can be used to enhance students understanding of the curriculum both in the classroom and in virtual spaces.

The Information Technology Team provides devices in every classroom including a teacher device, student devices, a device storage unit, a projector, a projection surface, and access to WiFi.

Oct 01st - All Day
This hour long event can be run anytime on October 1st in your K-12 classroom. Unplugged and plugged in activities at various Grade levels will be sent to you with the filling out of this form. A member of the Ed Tech team will contact you to provide more details about this event.
Oct 08th - All Day
Oct 29th - All Day
Nov 15th - All Day

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