From left: Heather Wilson, Chair of the BCHS Foundation stands with BCHS Foundation Development Officer Shanna Dunlop, students at Walter Gretzky Elementary School, Principal Jeannette Marry, Grand Erie District School Board Director JoAnna Roberto and elementary teacher Brian Wilson.

Walter Gretzky Elementary School Wins Big in Read4BCHS Program, Raising Funds and Fostering Love for Reading 



alter Gretzky Elementary School secured the top spot in Read4BCHS, a program to inspire a love for reading and raise funds for the Pediatric Acute Referral Service Clinic (PARS) in the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS).

With 5,841 minutes read and $1,695 raised, the school ranked first place in both categories, making this their second year as a top fundraiser. 

From left: Walter Gretzky Elementary School Grade 4 students stand with Dr. Moradi and Director Roberto.

Among Walter Gretzky Elementary School’s 20 participating classes, Mrs. Brinks’ grade fours raised a total of $435 – the most raised in a single class across Grand Erie! 

“The kids were really excited. They wanted to count every activity we did toward their reading minutes and were very competitive with their fundraising, always watching the leaderboard to see who was behind us,” said Mrs. Brinks.

Their victory earned an in-class visit by Dr. Moradi, a pediatrician who spends her time between the Brant Community Healthcare System and The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto. Students learned about her role as a children’s doctor, why she chose her career and her journey to get there.

Last year, the BCHS Foundation teamed up with Mind Growth Education and together, they converted minutes read into kilometers travelled. In 2022, students read across Canada. In 2023, they read around the world. 

Read4BCHS started as a way to make learning exciting during the pandemic. Now in its fourth year, the event allows students to explore their literacy goals in a vibrant way, while teaching the importance of community and the role they play within it. 

“We are so grateful for the support of the Grand Erie District School Board, Director Roberto and all of the teachers, principals and families that read and raised funds in support of healthcare this year. We can’t wait to see what next year brings,” said Heather Wilson, Chair of the Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation.

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