Statement from Grand Erie 

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2023

A newspaper column and social media accounts have reported that a parent who is a police officer was not able to participate in a career day at a Grand Erie school. 

While we have concerns with some of the details in these reports, we want to acknowledge that the initial communication to the parent was not correct. We apologize unreservedly for this miscommunication. 

The parent was told directly that a mistake was made and that the parent was welcome in the classroom. As a board, we value the work and dedication of police officers, and as parents, they are welcome in our schools.  

We also want to confirm the One-Stop Grad Shop, a program to provide donated formal wear and accessories to graduating Grand Erie students, has not been cancelled, and is proceeding as planned.

We want to protect the privacy of the student involved, and therefore, this statement is our only communication on this situation.

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