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In a world of opportunity, deciding what’s next is no easy feat. Just ask Emely and Stephon, BCI students who found direction in their local community through co-operative learning. Emely’s interest in speech and language services began years ago after a family member attended speech therapy. With curiosity and limited knowledge, Emely sought hands-on experience with Kids Can Speak in Brantford.
Grand Erie is shedding a candid light on issues of racism, discrimination, unconscious bias and systemic barriers to inclusion by sharing a series of videos featuring conversations with students, staff and families.
King George Elementary School is the place to be for the fashion forward this graduation season. The school is once again hosting One-Stop Grad Shop, an initiative started by the Brantford Police Service, and an event that helps remove barriers for students in the Brantford area to celebrate this milestone accomplishment in style.
Wellness is blooming at Thompson Creek Elementary School. From March until June, classrooms begin each week with a prompt designed to start the conversation around mental health and well-being.
Jeff Allison, vice-principal at Grand Erie Learning Alternatives, has won the “Leadership in eLearning Award” at the 2023 Ontario eLearning Consortium (OeLC)!
A newspaper column and social media accounts have reported that a parent who is a police officer was not able to participate in a career day at a Grand Erie school. While we have concerns with some of the details in these reports, we want to acknowledge that the initial communication to the parent was not correct. We apologize unreservedly for this miscommunication.
As Mental Health Week kicks off (May 1 – 5), learners are leading the way in determining the types of resources and activities their school communities need to prioritize well-being. The recent Wellness Out Loud event saw more than a hundred students in attendance from each Grand Erie secondary school, gathering for a day of learning before returning to their schools to plan and implement Mental Health Week happenings. 
Walter Gretzky Elementary School secured the top spot in Read4BCHS, a program to inspire a love for reading and raise funds for the Pediatric Acute Referral Service Clinic (PARS) in the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS).
The students at North Park have embraced a new multi-faith prayer room! Having a dedicated space available to pray is building a better school community; the prayer room is helping to educate both students and staff about different cultures, and the students using the space are feeling more comfortable expressing their faith.
Leadership is an ongoing process of learning and risk-taking, and Grand Erie’s recent Student Senate event delivered that message in a big way. 
Every day in Grand Erie, our dedicated educational assistants (EAs) enable safe, positive learning spaces, and ensure students with differences in medical, physical, intellectual or behavioural needs are included, respected and celebrated. EAs are integral members of our school communities, demonstrating care, compassion and patience, and drawing on a wide range of skills and experience to fulfill their roles.
The 2023-24 budget survey is now open, with the opportunity to submit responses until April 21. Grand Erie hopes to hear from students, staff members, parents/caregivers, neighbours and other community members as it identifies priorities and allocates funding. The budget will be presented to trustees for final review and input during the board meeting in June.
With 660 hours completed in class and on the field, you might call GELA’s Personal Support Worker (PSW) program “the longest interview of your life.” But it’s a fast track in disguise. 
For learners looking to strengthen reading, math, and other foundational skills following the disruptions of the pandemic, tutoring has been an empowering way to inspire and re-inspire a love of learning. 
Art Soup, a unique Grand Erie event featuring artists from the community leading hands-on learning in dance, visual arts, music and theatre is returning this spring.
Grand Erie is thrilled to welcome new and returning Student Trustees following the results of Student Senate elections this month. The team of three will provide consultation, representation and input into decision-making for the 2023-24 school year.
Delhi District Secondary School students are demonstrating they will take the initiative to support each other. When classmates discovered student Kendra Hussey’s talent for swimming, inspiration took on a ripple effect. 
Grand Erie District School Board is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement with all three of its local Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) bargaining units.
Following a few years of touch-and-go athletics as the world dealt with a pandemic, sports are back in a big way in Grand Erie. There are lots of reasons to cheer as brothers Max and Luke Foster of Hagersville Secondary School head to the biggest provincial-level wrestling match at OFSAA this month.
A Q&A with Chair Lorraine DeJong, and Vice-Chair Kathy Jones of the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC).