Above: Kindergarten students and family members in the studio.

Finding Focus and Fun in Mindful Movement 

FRIDAY, JAN. 19, 2023


ome of the youngest learners at St. George-German Public School recently had a chance to experience the benefits of yoga, connecting mindfulness, movement and breathwork to build a strong foundation of calm in the classroom. 

Above: Students Lennon and Theo lead a breathing exercise.

Teacher Christine Sellar and Early Childhood Educator Shannon Wood organized the event with parent volunteer and yoga instructor Emily Delafosse to bring learners and families together for an evening of yoga at UpYoga in Paris. Students helped guide the class, leading families through breathing exercises they’d learned in class, followed by an instructor-led flow and relaxing beginner poses to conclude. The evening allowed students to learn how to stretch out big feelings, relax body and mind, and promote self-awareness – all strategies that help learners adopt a growth mindset to empower classroom learning. 

“We see a wonderful difference with our students’ well-being and mindset when we focus on teaching them breathing practices and yoga poses that help them regulate their bodies and minds,” said Sellar of the ongoing mindfulness work that’s having a positive effect on everyone in the classroom. “The joy for learning comes when our students feel calm, loved, and supported by an adult who is calm and regulated.”

Above: Parent volunteer and yoga teacher Emily with daughter Avery.

The focus on mindful practices is an extension of the teaching team’s efforts to Put the KIND in Kindergarten, which, through a series of guided activities and projects, allows the littlest learners to recognize the positive impact of kind actions on the world around them. 

“Starting with their amazing selves, students develop a strong sense of who they are and how they can positively shape their community and the world,” added Sellar. 

Events like the family yoga night help foster connections between home and school, and build a culture of well-being to support the cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of each learner. Want to learn more about Kindergarten in Grand Erie? Visit Ready, Set, Kindergarten

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