Educational Assistant Appreciation Day 



very day in Grand Erie, our dedicated educational assistants (EAs) enable safe, positive learning spaces, and ensure students with differences in medical, physical, intellectual or behavioural needs are included, respected and celebrated. EAs are integral members of our school communities, demonstrating care, compassion and patience, and drawing on a wide range of skills and experience to fulfill their roles. You certainly can’t spell team without an EA, and the commitments and contributions they provide make our schools better places for all of us. 

Grand Erie has a tradition of marking the first Wednesday in April each year to single out this incredible group of professionals, and express gratitude for the work they do to carry out Grand Erie’s mission and vision. Working in a variety of learning environments, EAs support students in their daily living, personal care and behaviour, and assist educators with implementing individualized programming. This work makes an incredible difference in building a culture of well-being to support the cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of each learner, and creates equitable, inclusive and responsive spaces so everyone can succeed and thrive. 

To all of our EAs, thank you for the invaluable service and care you provide to our students and families, today and every day!

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