Cobblestone Hosts Amazing Race for a Family Math Adventure

The world of math achievement is waiting… GO! 


n the evening of May 9, more than 100 families joined forces to compete in the Amazing Race: Cobblestone Edition. With their eyes set on a family prize pack offering treats and attractions in Paris, Ontario, students, siblings, caregivers and friends traveled from country to country to solve math challenges and collect stamps to fill up their passports. 


Ten classrooms around the school were set to represent a different country, offering thinking challenges at the primary, junior and intermediate levels. Along the way, families engaged in rich discussions, used math manipulatives and modelled games to show how families can be active in their child's math development. 

"We sincerely appreciated the chance to do some fun activities as a family and be in the kids' space, which they love to show us," shared Mary and Kevin Bekendam, who accompanied their children, Colin (Grade 2) and Lainey (Junior Kindergarten). "Having the opportunity to understand the ways teachers make math fun was so great. Thank you, we really enjoyed it!"


The idea was devised and brought to life by the Family Math Engagement team at Cobblestone Elementary School. Organizing teachers Steffani Thomas, Kristy Hawkins, Janice Cooney, Meghan Bage and Erica Lapage aimed to showcase the math thinking skills students developed this year. Working with community partners, the team provided pizza as part of Italy's classroom destination, and a family fun pack for the winning family comprised of swimming passes, mini golf, go-karting, Original Gourmet Popcorn, ice cream from What’s the Scoop and more. 

"We're grateful to be able to provide an opportunity for families to understand how instruction has changed since they were in school and how we're working to engage students in their learning through creativity, communication and collaboration," explained Lapage. 

Math engagement is a key priority in Grand Erie's Multi-Year Plan. Initiatives like Cobblestone's Amazing Race not only brings families together for an evening of fun, but it also highlights the power of family and community collaboration in learning. 


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