Pathways to Care

In addition to the crisis line information and information related to Grand Erie's Employee Assistance Program, staff can also inquire with their respective unions to seek support provided.


Brant and Brantford

• Brant/Brantford Integrated Crisis: 1-866-811-7188

St. Leonard's Community Services - Brant/Brantford area


Haldimand and Norfolk

• Haldimand-Norfolk REACH Crisis: 1-866-327-3224

Crisis Assessment and Support Team (CAST) (Ages 16 and older): 1-866-487-2278

Six Nations

• Six Nations Crisis: 1-866-445-2204

• First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line: 1-855-242-3310


Mental Health Helpline: 1-866-531-2600

Employee Assistance Program

A Confidential Counselling and Information Service

Support when you need it!

Have you heard the expression “life is an emotional roller coaster?” Although we can usually ride it out, there are times when we find it too difficult to manage on our own. When troublesome thoughts or feelings become common occurrences, they can have a negative impact on our relationships, careers, and level of self-esteem. No one is immune to, or alone in, this experience.

The EAP Program, offered through the Grand Erie District School Board, offers employees and their family members (under certain circumstances), access to professional counsellors and assistance with the financial cost of their services.

The Program may be accessed by directly contacting one of the following Service Providers to book an appointment. Simply identify yourself as an employee of the Grand Erie District School Board.

Policy Statement: The Grand Erie District School Board and its employee groups have expressed their joint intention to work cooperatively and constructively to maintain a successful Employee Assistance Program.

Objective: The program is to promote employee wellness by providing confidential access to counselling services for all permanent employees.

The Program: The program is based on self referral and anonymity. The program is designed to provide assistance for our employees to access professional services in coping with problems of a physical or mental health, personal or family nature, including stress, alcohol or drug dependency, and work related problems. The employee is not required to discuss participation with anyone.