Burford District Elementary School Redefines Learning Spaces

The Learning Commons at Burford District Elementary School includes technology hubs

Caption: The new Learning Commons features technology hubs and differentiated spaces

The students at Burford District Elementary School have some new spaces in which to play and learn. These spaces are redefining the traditional classroom to promote community and environmental awareness.

A series of grants, school fundraising, and school council contributions have funded the building of an outdoor classroom and sand pit, an upgrade to the sound system and projector on the stage, and a movement towards the flexibility of a Learning Commons in the former library.

Crews were hard at work this summer creating the log seating and sand pit areas. The outdoor classroom now provides a place for primary students to learn about the environment, and to collaborate on building structures and social skills.

“We’re seeing creativity and cooperation shine as students create their own games and activities in this exciting new area of the yard,” said Mary Ann Shay, principal at Burford. “We’re changing the traditional definitions of where learning takes place.”

Inside the school, the stage has undergone a huge transformation. Formerly a secondary school, Burford is lucky to have a large gym and stage. This summer, a state-of-the-art sound system, projector and projection screen were installed. Students and staff look forward to using the new system for slideshows, videos, and presentations.

Finally, there is an exciting movement taking place in the library at Burford. Librarian Tim Best is spearheading the construction of a Learning Commons.

“This is a flexible space that includes technology, media, books, and hands-on learning materials all in one place,” said Best. “Giving students access to a variety of resources is essential to innovation and accessing creativity.”

Best and his team continue to support teachers and students with technology, and look forward to showing off the newest learning space at the school.

With all these new spaces created for the development of academic and social skills, staff can’t wait to see what Burford will achieve this school year.

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