Insurance Requirements

Applicants must provide proof of insurance when applying to rent a school facility by submitting a Certificate of Insurance OR by purchasing insurance via the Rental Office. If you are supplying your own insurance, it must include the following:

Policy number & Policy term

If the certificate indicates an Effective Date/Expiry date, then the policy applies to dates within that time frame. If specific dates of coverage are listed the certificate only applies to those dates.

Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance for an amount not less than $2 million dollars per occurrence is required, certificates with no aggregate are preferred.

Additional Insured

The Grand Erie District School MUST be listed as Additional Insured.

Where should you send the certificate of insurance?

Please forward the certificate to the Rental Office via Email: 

What if you don’t have access to insurance?

Applicants without access to a liability insurance program may purchase insurance during the application process. The cost of the insurance (+HST) non-refundable fee will be added to the permit and must be paid due at the end of the month that the permit is approved.

Community User Group Insurance is available to those informal groups who do not have access to liability insurance from other sources. This coverage does not apply to those organizations, groups or businesses that already have or should have insurance in place for their operations and activities. This policy is a Liability policy and not an accident, or medical policy. 

The policy provides protection for legal liability for bodily injury or damages to property of third parties including spectators and participants. It provides coverage for both costs to defend the action and any compensatory awards that might be granted by the courts up to the limits and conditions of the policy. 

This policy applies to activities that have been approved by the board to take place at a determined board facility. The permit issued by the board will also include – organizers name, activity, date and time. Third Party Limit of Liability is $2,000,000 per occurrence.