Ministry Requirements

Included below are the requirements specifically asked for by the Ministry of Education for the 2017-18 Annual Director’s Report.





Outline progress made toward creating the conditions for a safe and inclusive school climate in all of the board’s schools, including demonstrated commitment to culturally responsive and relevant teaching and learning.

Outline efforts by the board and schools to provide religious accommodation in a safe, culturally respectful way.

Outline efforts to actively engage and integrate feedback from students, parents and community partners to develop and maintain a positive school climate. This includes efforts to identify and remove barriers that prevent marginalized families and groups from becoming more involved in the work of the board.

  • The Indigenous Education Advisory Committee was initiated
    • This group includes parents, community members, and education stakeholders from local Indigenous communities
  • Grand Erie has a board-wide Indigenous Student Council and students elected the board’s first-ever Indigenous Student Trustee in Spring 2018 to represent Indigenous students on the Board
  • Safe Schools training sessions were offered to assist schools in supporting LGBTQ+ students and families

  • Training in Traumatic Events Systems Model and Trauma in Schools was offered to develop a system model to support administrators and leaders to respond effectively to crisis and trauma in schools
    • The Board revised and updated its School and Community Protocol for Assessing and Intervening with students who pose a threat of violence
  • Grand Erie promoted the use of Restorative Practices as an approach to discipline and repairing relationships after an incident that has caused harm
  • School climate is measured via Grand Erie’s Our School survey, created by the Learning Bar. Plans include strategies aimed at addressing areas of concern identified in the survey

  • Relevant Grand Erie Bylaws include:


Outline measurable progress towards equity and inclusive education goals contained in the board’s multi-year strategic plan, equity implementation plan and/or other system-level improvement plans.

  • See Grand Erie’s 2017-18 Annual Equity Operating Plan as well as the 2017-18 Annual Equity Operating Plan Results

Outline how school and system leaders are being held accountable for progress towards the board’s goals for equity and inclusion.

  • See Grand Erie’s 2017-18 Annual Equity Operating Plan as well as the 2017-18 Annual Equity Operating Plan Results

Outline efforts to ensure school and board leadership teams reflect the diversity of the communities they serve across the Province, and the results of their efforts. This includes the removal and prevention of discriminatory biases and systemic barriers in recruitment, hiring, talent management, career mentoring, promotion, retention and succession planning.

  • Grand Erie is conscious of the need to be bias-free in its hiring practices and procedures. The Board has a hiring guideline document for administrators to use to try and guide them about proper hiring practices so they are being objective and inclusive

Training and professional development opportunities for employees of the board in equity and inclusive education.

  • Three bus tours to Six Nations for professional development. Open to all staff
  • Residential School professional development sessions for elementary and secondary school teachers to support curriculum rollout
  • By the end of June 2017, a wide range of staff had the opportunity to take part in the Kairos Blanket Exercise, modified to reflect local history
  • Treaties learning included the Living Library Series during Treaties Week and a three-day workshop offered to staff in the summer
  • Visit by Indigenous leader and author, Tom Porter
  • Equity training and professional development opportunities were provided for administrators, Trustees and school equity reps on:
    • Cyber-bullying, progressive discipline, human rights, inclusion
    • Trustee caucus session highlighted equity issues and human rights


Outline progress made toward the collection and analysis of data to monitor progress on equity and inclusion goals.