Last Name First Name Title Grade
Armstrong Elizabeth Coordinator Of Office Services
Carruthers Ivan Principal
Cole Jennifer School Secretary
Cook-Ritchie Robyn Literacy And Basic Skills Coordinator
Dulmage Charles Retired Secondary Principal
Giavedoni Anthony Teacher
Hodgson Ryan Teacher
Hoffman Lavinia Employment Consultant
House Edward Teacher 11, 12
Keene Paul Custodian
Kelley Carolyn School Secretary
Kinnear Elise Teacher 11, 12
Kitchen Karla Child And Youth Workder
Maletta Paul Guidance
Maletta Paul Teacher
Marcotte Lois School Secretary
Martino Diane School Secretary
Masuka Aida Employment Consultant
Mayberry Carol Research Information Specialist
Mcconnell Derek Teacher 12
Priesnitz Annika Employment Consultant
Purchase Kelly Teacher 10, 11
Russell Samantha Employment Consultant
Schrock Nicole Teacher 11, 12
Sitarski Terri Teacher 10, 11, 12
Stewart Cheryl Client Services Coordinator
Stricker Joan Teacher 11, 12
Wagenaar Susan Employment Consultant
Weir Fiona Employment Consultant
Young James Vice Principal