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    Laptops are set up for imaging inside the ITS Support department.

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    Three skids of new HP ProBooks are unloaded by Michael Suski, Supervisor of Infrastructure and Support.

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    Grand Erie Network Technician, Josh Detlor supervises the next batch of HP ProBooks for imaging.

Investing in Educational Technology to Optimize Learning 

THURSDAY, JAN. 19, 2023


lot of laptops – 2,500 to be exact – have been optimized for learning and are now making the journey across the region and into Grand Erie classrooms. From there, the possibilities are endless in terms of how they’ll be put to use to unlock imagination, inspiration and connection for learners and educators. 

The purchase of additional laptops was made possible by the board’s recently revised budget for the 2022-23 school year, and the commitment to up-to-date technology aligns with strategic priorities related to learning and accessibility. It also closes the gap in terms of student-to-device ratios, ensuring students can use tech more often to personalize learning, explore interests and gain skills they’ll use throughout their school years, and beyond. 

Lots of work goes on behind the scenes to make sure classrooms are ready for the future and supported in their use of tech; the Information Technology Services team had the task of imaging, tagging and adding the Grand Erie asset management system to each of the HP ProBooks with touchscreen technology before they were deployed. The team is also instrumental in keeping learning with technology safe, secure and accessible to all. 

Grand Erie is in the second year of its multi-year strategic plan, and the additional investments in technology, as well as hands-on resources including books to refresh library collections, math manipulatives and literacy materials, goes a long way to realizing the vision to learn, lead and inspire.

Grand Opening of the Snoezelen Room

Elgin Avenue Public School welcomed staff, students and community to the Grand Opening of the Snoezelen Room on Tuesday, Sept. 22.


On hand for this special occasion was Chair of the Board Carol Ann Sloat, Trustee Rita Collver and Superintendent Liana Thompson as well as several members of the community that contributed to the fundraising, and Elgin staff members.

Allie Richardson (teacher of students with autism), Lori Minarik (EA working with students with autism) and Samantha Nicholson (Principal) worked together for over three and a half years to fundraise for this $30,000 project. The Elgin community, parents, local charities and the Grand Erie District School Board all came together to make this project a huge success.

A Snoezelen Room is a multi-sensory environment that provides a controlled, safe, relaxing space for individuals with a variety of sensory needs. The room is set up to give individuals a positive space where they can meet their specific needs in a calming atmosphere. This atmosphere helps in reducing fear, anxieties, repetitive behaviour, self-abusive behaviour and aggressive behaviour so that students are better able to learn. Students at Elgin in both self-contained classes and in the regular classes will be able to access the room to help meet their sensory needs.

According to Seth, a student who accesses the room daily, “It is the best room ever!!!”