Message from the Principal

Welcome to the new updated Port Rowan Public School website. We are finally up and running!

Port Rowan is a medium sized public school situated close to Long Point in the South West corner of the Grand Erie District School Board. We are a K-8 school and we offer support for special needs students as well as those students who require ESL support. At the present time we have 307 students enrolled.

As an educational institution our main aim is to produce students who are well versed in literacy and numeracy skills. As well, the school staff offers many intramural and team programs. We have teams for volleyball, basketball, soccer, badminton and cross-country, to name a few.

We have a great playground with two sets of playground equipment along with swings for children to use to exercise large muscles. As well, each classroom has a container with balls, skipping ropes and frisbees available to take out and use.

We welcome parents to come and visit anytime or to call the school to speak to the staff on any matter of concern.

Student Handbook

Statement of Belief

At Port Rowan, each student will have the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become productive, fulfilled members of society. Any student behaviour which hinders the academic, social, emotional and physical development of any other student will be addressed.

Expectations of Students

  • show respect for the authority of school staff
  • demonstrate consideration, courtesy and respect for others and their property
  • attend class regularly and on time
  • abide by rules which may be established during the year which will help to maintain a positive learning environment
  • leave potentially dangerous items or weapons of any kind at home e.g. jack knives or any replicas of weapons, lighters, matches, skateboards, in-line skates, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and hard balls
  • dress in a fashion appropriate for the season and learning environment: apparel displaying vulgarity, violence, illegal substances or alcoholic promotion/endorsements is unacceptable
  • remove hats, similar headgear and outer clothing when entering the school building
  • refrain from chewing gum in the school building
  • use the school's and others' property with permission and proper care
  • be tolerant of ethnic, racial, religious, and sexual differences

Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances and whenever observed will be immediately reported. This includes the following 4 categories:

  1. Physical Aggression: kicking, spitting, pushing, punching, scratching, pinching, biting, slapping/hitting; including throwing of objects, sexual touching, dangerous behaviour, stalking and swarming.
  2. Verbal Abuse: harassment, intimidation, bullying, threatening, name calling, racial or demeaning remarks, profanity, disrespectful and disruptive behaviour, sexually suggestive communications including possession of pictures and audio tapes.
  3. Destruction of Property: includes theft, destruction or removal of school or personal belongings, defacement;
  4. Substance Abuse: smoking, use of alcohol and/or drugs.


We encourage students to develop responsible behaviour and self-esteem through good decision-making skills with the ultimate goal of self-discipline. All actions have implications for self and for others; therefore the use of natural and logical consequences is an encouraging way to teach accountability, trust, honesty, and respect. Such consequences might include: (not necessarily in this order)

  • A warning;
  • A detention;
  • An interview with the teacher, counselor, vice-principal or principal;
  • Withdrawal of the student from the classroom situation;
  • Parent/guardian conferences, phone call home or letter home;
  • Loss of privileges;
  • Time out;
  • Requiring a student to make restitution, where appropriate;
  • Community service;
  • Behavioural contracts;
  • Suspensions from school;
  • Change in program delivery model;
  • Referral to outside agencies;
  • Expulsion.

Student Regulations on Buses

Riding the bus is a privilege not a right.

  1. Board the bus in an orderly fashion.
  2. Take the seat assigned by the driver.
  3. Keep books, lunch boxes, etc. on your lap, rather than in the aisle or under the seat.
  4. Keep arms and head inside the bus at all times.
  5. Do not open and close windows unless authorized by the driver.
  6. No scuffling, fighting, or littering.
  7. No smoking.
  8. Do not interfere with the bus equipment.
  9. No eating, drinking on daily runs except with a doctor's certificate.
  10. The driver has complete charge of the bus, and students shall obey the driver

REMEMBER: The safety of all is our primary concern.

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