Home & School Association

The Home & School Association of North Ward School is a group of dedicated members committed to proactive involvement in our school and our community to help obtain the “Best for Each Student.” By effectively relating to the needs of our community we can offer and implement programs and projects that promote the welfare of our school, students, their families and staff.

Our work and involvement in the school helps to foster positive, effective and respectful co-operation between parents and teachers. Parents gain an understanding of the school, its work and its needs and together we can coordinate events and functions to raise funds to facilitate them.

Ideally, representation in the Association is evenly distributed among members of the community and school so that all concerns and needs can be met. Membership allows for a real sense of purpose and belonging and just one hour of our time goes a long way to meeting the needs of our school, students and staff.

Our children spend the vast majority of their time at our school. What better way is there to help ensure their success and to address their needs and enjoyment than becoming actively involved in their school? Involvement varies greatly among members and other parents depending upon availability and commitment ability but the important point is ‘Involvement.’ Become actively concerned with the care and training of children and help us to make North Ward School the best that it can be!

Meeting Minutes

September 2017