School Snack Program

PURPOSE: To provide our students with a healthy snack and feed their brains by filling their tummies!

Nutritional snacks will be available to each student at First Nutrition Break on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting in October. There is no additional expense to parents - funding from Donations, the Children’s Nutrition Network and our LPC Fundraising Efforts cover the cost of the program! A special thank you to the Organizers, Shoppers and Volunteers who make this great program possible!

Are you able to donate time, groceries, or funds? Do you have questions about the Lakewood Elementary Snack Program?

Please contact the school at 519-583-0830.

Hot Lunch Program

Monthly Hot lunch and milk orders can be purchased through Online orders open the first of the month and close the 15th of the month for the following month. Mark on your home calendar the days you have purchased lunch for your child(ren). Milk and hot lunches are delivered to student at Second Nutrition Break.

Please contact Mrs. Wallace at
519-583-0830 or Catherine Fekete
at if you are interested in helping or have a hot lunch comment.