Contemporary Studies

The Music and Dramatic Arts Department caters to any student regardless of ability. Our classes promote communication, group dynamics, and the opportunity to explore many facets of either discipline. Our teachers provide instruction to develop personal growth, experience, and success.

At H.S.S. we are dedicated to student success. We offer courses with a wide range of choices for all ability levels.

Access to the Arts increases critical thinking skills, affects values and empathy in others, is a universal language, and improves social cohesion and collaboration, skills necessary for confidence in today’s society. Students in these courses have the opportunity for community involvement, whether it be musical ensembles at nursing homes, schools, or social events here at H.S.S. or mock evacuations, class performances, and theatre trips.

This year’s Drama class teamed up with Brant Theatre Workshops to create an ensemble performance on Diabetes.

  • Drama Performance

    Drama Performance

  • Drama Play

    Drama Play

  • Music- Keyboarding

    Music- Keyboarding