Principal's Message

Welcome! Greenbrier is an amazing place where great things happen!

As Principal of Greenbrier School, I will work diligently with parents, staff and students to foster an atmosphere that promotes a life-long passion for learning. Our ‘learning community’ will be characterized by academic excellence, trust, respect, open communication, and community involvement; a great foundation on which to support school improvement and student success.

As we work towards our mission, preparing students to be independent life long learners, ready for the challenges of the 21st century, this quotation, one my favourites, says it all,

"School is a building with four walls and tomorrow inside." (Barbara Knight)

Greenbrier offers educational experiences, co-instructional activities, and leadership opportunities that support and encourage all students to reach their full potential. Our vision: “Opportunities and Success for All.”

As educators, we challenge ourselves everyday to foster a learning environment that promotes the freedom to wonder, to ask, to explore, and to imagine. We strive daily to create an atmosphere where students are accepted for their talents and individual uniqueness. We endeavor to develop engaging, relevant learning opportunities and a positive school climate that instills character traits of Respect, Responsibility, Inclusiveness, Compassion, Integrity, Perseverance, Humility and Collaboration.

We share in the responsibility of creating a school that promotes high academic achievement, and a safe and inclusive school climate. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities for all of us. I feel very fortunate to be working with wonderful students, parents and staff who give the best of themselves today, to create a better world for tomorrow.

Student Handbook

Each year our students may purchase a Greenbrier Student Agenda. Inside the agenda are a number of pages that provide important information for our students and their families. We encourage our students to learn to use the agenda for their personal organization. We also use the agendas to communicate with parents/guardians and hope that you will take a few minutes each evening to review the agenda with your children. View or download the student handbook and other important documents below.



True Colours

At Greenbrier Public School we emphasize the Character Attributes that Grand Erie has identified as key elements for positive character development. Although we address all of them on an ongoing basis, we focus on and highlight one each month as follows:

  • September/October - Co-operation
  • November - Respect
  • December - Compassion
  • January - Responsibility
  • February - Inclusiveness
  • March - Integrity
  • April - Humility
  • May/June – Perseverance

What do the Character Attributes mean?

Be accountable to yourself, family and friends. Be dependable. Share, give and volunteer in your community.

Be honest, sincere, trustworthy and reliable. Ensure actions and words align.

Treat yourself, others and the environment with dignity and reverence.

Recognize and appreciate how you and others contribute to the overall effort and success of your organization or group. Recognize contributions, applaud effort and work collaboratively.

Act with courage, tenacity, determination and with a commitment to hard work. Never give up. Believe in yourself. Try your best.

Demonstrate kindness, care and thoughtfulness. Empathize with others.

Create an environment where we honour differences and diversity. Be fair and equitable.

Be humble and recognize your limitations. Strive for mutual benefit.


Curriculum documents define what students are taught in Ontario publicly funded schools. They detail the knowledge and skills that students are expected to develop in each subject at each grade level. By developing and publishing curriculum documents for use by all Ontario teachers, the Ministry of Education sets standards for the entire province.



The primary-division assessment tests the reading, writing and mathematics skills students are expected to have learned by the end of Grade 3. The junior-division assessment tests the reading, writing and mathematics skills students are expected to have learned by the end of Grade 6. Both assessments are based on The Ontario Curriculum. Click to read the EQAO Parent's Guide.


Progress Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Interviews

The Elementary Progress Report Card and the Parent-Teacher Interview are two ways for parents to receive feedback on their child’s progress.

Elementary Progress Report Card

The Elementary Progress Report Card is first in the series of reporting student achievement to parents. It is designed to show a student’s development of the learning skills and work habits during the fall of the school year. The progress report card outlines a student’s general progress in working towards the achievement of the curriculum expectations. Teachers use the progress report to inform parents if their child is progressing very well, well, or with difficulty.

Parent-Teacher Interview

Information provided in the progress report often needs more explanation. That’s why the Parent-Teacher Interviews are important and timed with the release of the Elementary Progress Report Card. The interview is also an opportunity to talk about the progress of your child’s social development in addition to the information provided in the progress report.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to make appointments with their child’s classroom teacher and come prepared with questions and concerns.

Daily Schedule

09:00 a.m. – Instructional Block

11:00 a.m. – Nutritional Break & Active Time

11:40 a.m. – Instructional Block

01:20 p.m. – Nutritional Break & Active Time

02:00 p.m. – Instructional Block

03:20 p.m. – Dismissal

Inclement Weather Zone: 4

Online Resources

Homework Help

All Grade 7-10 Mathematics students in GEDSB have access to the Homework Help website in order to support classroom learning. The Independent Learning Center, along with the Ministry of Education, has funded this program.

Students registered on the site will be able to access live, online help in Math from certified Ontario teachers. These tutors will be online from Sunday through Thursday between 5:30 - 9:30 pm EST. As well, many other resources are available 24/7 on the site including Tutorials, a Student Locker, and more!


Access our school library through the following link. Click on Greenbrier Public School to go directly to our library catalogue.