Diversity and Inclusivity at Delhi Public

Upcoming events planned at the school celebrate and encourage learning of cultures and origins. The Multicultural Association in Delhi will be hosting an event to share information with students on Nov 6th.


November 14 evening and Nov 15th am –Parent Teacher interviews

November 15 – PA DAY

November 26 – 9:00 a.m. Kids 4 Kids – Leadership Assembly (9:15 & 11:15) Parents welcome
November 27 – Grade 8 day at DDSS
November 27 -Lunch Box Learning – Soup day
Novemeber 28 - Intermediate Boys’ Volleyball Tournament
December 4 – Intermediate Girls’ Volleyball Tournament

December 18th - Kindergarten Christmas PM & Family event in the evening

Meet our staff...

Mrs. P. Rasokas - Principal
Vice Principal Mrs. C. Gozzard

Office Staff

Mrs. K. Pitre
Mrs. C. Weber
Custodial Staff Mr. R. Gillispie
Mr. G. Smith

Ed. Assistants

Mrs. A. Ebden
Mrs. D. McCoy
Ms. C. Myers
Mrs. K. Gillispie
Mrs. J. Opersko
Ms. S. Powell

Early Childhood Ed. – Mrs. S. Bennett, Mrs. C. Erwin , Miss Davenport
Kindergarten Ms. E. Ferris
Mrs. B. Schaeffer
Ms. K. Mawhiney

Grade 1 – Mrs. L. Misener
Grade 1/2 - Mrs. S. McKinnon
Grade 2 – Mrs. Mels
Grade 2/3 – Mrs. S. Devos
Grade 3 – Ms. T. May
Grade ¾ - Mrs. I. Sidway
Grade 4 – Ms. R. Livingstone, Ms. A. Markle
Grade 4/5 – Mrs. J. Kreller
Grade 5 – Mrs. B. Stefan
Grade 6 – Mrs. S. Cober, Mrs. C. Antonissen
Grade 7 – Mr. J. Hill
Grade 7/8 – Mrs. N. Yantha
Grade 8 – Mrs. S. Chanda-Bruder
Strategies – Mrs. D. Dobson
Resource Teachers – Mrs. D. Weiler, Mrs. S. Van Wynesberghe
Prep./Library – Mrs. R. Hurley
French/Prep. – Mme. C. Armstrong, Mme. I. Bodnar, Mrs. W. Lauwerier
French – Mme. N. Lord

Outdoor Playground Equipment Fundraiser

The Parent Council at Delhi Public is dedicated to helping raise funds to support the installation of new outdoor playground equipment in the back yard of the school. This fundraising initiative will help support active play in our Delhi community.

If you are interested in contributing or you know of a community partner that would be interested in helping us on this journey please contact the school Principal, Paula-Sue Rasokas (contact email or phone below).


Upcoming Events