In the year of 2014-2015, our Student Council worked hard to make this school a fun and enjoyable environment. This year we produced multiple events and activities; The Festive Feast in December, candy grams during holidays, intermediate/senior dances, the talent show, the primary End of the Year Hurrah, The 'Fill-A'Bus' fundraiser, new and creative spirit days each month. Also we booked the motivational speaker Saidat who came to spread the love as a way to celebrate our year. This year's Students' Council has enjoyed working together to make this a great year for our student body.

This year, student council wanted to give back to the primary grades, due to the fact that they are too young to habe sports and dances. We decided to organize an end of the year party for them. The students had a lot of fun! The primary grades really enjoyed their end of the year "hurrah!' and loved dancing. Not only that, but Students' Council had an amazing time interacting with students, aw well as conducting dance moves and acts, such as 'The Chicken Dance', 'The Cha-Cha Slide', and more.

On Monday, May 25th, we had a motivational speaker come and visit our school. Her name was Saidat. She taught us how to stay strong and positive during tough times in our lives. She reminded us to always treat others with respect and Kindness. We have a feeling all of the kids will use these lessons in their lives. We are all so thankful to Saidat and K-Z for coming and visiting our school.

Mrs. Stubbert, Mrs. MacKay and Mr. Budgell would like to thank Students' Council for all of their hard work and dedication. They made this year an amazing one for Cedarland School. Students' Council members are; Ashley as President, Taylor as Vice President, Joy as Secretary, Elizabeth as Treaturer and Emma V. as Spirit. The class Representatives are; Andries, Emma A., Tessa, Kaitlyn, Connor, Brad and Reilly.