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S: Shared network drive is no longer available:
As of July 2018 the S-Share network drive is no longer available to staff and students. In the past teachers have used this network storage space to share files with students and other members of their school communities. Linked above, you will find a document that will explore a number of resources that are available to meet the needs of Staff and Students in the absence of the S-Share Network Drive.

Self Serve Password Reset:
GEDSB staff and students can reset their Board password by logging into Office 365.

Network H: Drive Migration to OneDrive:
Migrating your files from H: Drive to OneDrive and supporting your students using OneDrive as a replacement for their H: Drives.
Also check out these additional resources.
OneDrive Syncing
H: Drive to OneDrive Migration

Check out the many great resources from the OSAPAC collection (Ministry of Education provided) like:

  • Fathom
  • Geometer's Sketchpad
  • Mathies
  • mPower
(Could have one link to OSAPAC page with a list of links to each of these listed or could link right here in this block to individual pages for each?)