Phase 9 Ed Tech Refresh


The focus of the Ed Tech device refresh for the 2018-2019 school year will be:

  • Elementary Classrooms
    • Kindergarten - Refreshing with iPads
    • Grade 1 - Refreshing with HP ProBooks
  • Secondary Classrooms
    • Classrooms that were infused in year four of the Ed Tech Initiative with Dell Venue 11 tablets (at time they were English classrooms)
  • Teacher Devices
    • Ed Tech will be running the teacher lottery program again in 2018-2019. The lottery will offer teachers with Dell Venue 11 and Dell Venue 10 devices an opportunity to exchange their current device for a HP ProBook. The first round of the lottery has taken place and approximately 150 staff devices have been included in the first round of swaps

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2018-2019 Phase 9 Device Refresh Plan

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