Thursday, April 14

  • Track & Field sign-up begins Tuesday, April 19 in the gym for participants and helpers.
  • Boy's soccer practice after school Thursday, April 14.  Our first soccer game is April 25.
  • Who like ice cream?  The Hidden Valley Cafe is selling mouth-watering homemade ice cream during the lunch hour.  Chocolate, vanilla, mixed berry, peanut butter cup and smores!  We also have delicious chocolate cream pie.  Visit the Hidden Valley Cafe today.
  • Need somthing to brighen these rainy April days?  Starting next week Ms. Warner's class will be selling cany near the main office so please bring your money, you need $3.00


Wednesday, April 13

  • There will be no Rainbow Bears meeting Wednesday, April 13.
  • Boy's soccer practice Wedensday, April 13 & Thursday, April 14 after school.  Our first game is April 25.


Tuesday, April 12

  • The Hidden Valley Cafe is serving chicken quesadillas, decadent black forest  cake and delicious lemon meringue pie.  They also have cookies and beverages available.  Visit room 100 during the lunch hour.
  • Girl's soccer practice Tuesday, April 12 after school.  All should attend.  Please see Mrs. Backus if you can't ever make practice.
  • Boy's soccer practice Tuesday, April 12.  Meet on the field at 3:00 p.m.  We are looking for a few more players, please see Ms. Groh in room 119 or more information.
  • Junior Badminton team, want to find out who you play Wednesday, April 13, see Mr. Maloney at lunch today.


Monday, April 11

  • The Royal City Soccer Club is looking for volunteers for their Soccer Day Camps that will be held at the Wayne Gretzky Athletic Field in Brantford during July and August this summer.  Students will receive community volunteer hours for their time.  If you are interested, please visit the Guidance Office for details.
  • Girl's soccer practice Monday, April 11 and April 12 after school until 4:30.  See you on the field.
  • Track & Field practice will run from 3:00 to 4:00 Tuesday, April 12.
  • There is a full badminton practice that's Junior and Senior, after school Monday, April 11.  It's the last chance to get ready for this week's tournament.  See you there!
  • Boy's soccer practice Tuesday, April 11 after school, meet in room 119.


Friday, April 8

  • Congratulations to the Bear of the Week - Everett
  • Boy's soccer practice after school Friday, April 8.  3:00 - 4:30 p.m., meet on the field.
  • The Hidden Valley Cafe is offering take out Friday, April 8.  They are serving delicious Buffalo chicken wraps, cookies and beverages are also available.  See you in room 100 during lunch.
  • On Monday, April 11 Junior and Senior badminton practice from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.
  • Girl's soccer practice on Monday, April 11 and Tuesday, April 12 after school.
  • There will be a Rainbow Bears meeting at the start of lunch Friday, April 8 in room 103.
  • Spirit Week - April 11 through to April 14
    • Monday, April 11 - Pastel Day, wear pastel colours
    • Wednesday, April 13 - Jelly Bean guess.  Each guess is $0.25 and the winner will receive the Jelly Beans and a gifter certificate to the Hidden Valley Cafe
    • Thursday, April 14 - Easter Egg hunt outside at the beginning of lunch.  Students will collect plastic eggs and bring them to the table outside the office to trade them in for chocolate eggs.


Thursday, April 7

  • Senior badminton practice Wednesday, April 7, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.  Tournament is next week so all team member must attend to be ready to play next week.
  • Boy's soccer practice is cancelled Wednesday, April 7.  Plan to practice Friday, April 8.


Wednesday, April 6

  • Dream It - Be It Career Support for girls - on-line free Secondary School and those who identify as girls CAREER SUPPORT EVENT Saturday, April 9 9:45 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.  Linisted Spaces, pre-register and information
  • Bear Wear order deadline is Thursday, April 14.  Please check your school email for more information
  • Prom/grad survey due Monday, April 18.  Please check your school email for more information
  • The Hidden Valley Cafe is offering take out today!  They are serving delicious chicken quesadillas.  They also have cookies and beverages available.  See you in room 100 during the lunch hour.
  • Track & Field practice on Thursday, April 7 from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m..
  • Girl's soccer try-outs after school Wednesday, April 6 until 4:30.  Please have your form and equipment ready.


Tuesday, April 5

  • The cafeteria will be serving mac attack poutine and poutine wraps.
  • Reminder for all SHSM students (this includes SHSM Manufacturing and SHSM Transportation) to report to room 125 (all day) for your CPR and First Aid Training.
  • Boys soccer team please attend practice after school 3:00 - 4:30.  All potential team members should be there!  Your attendance will impact your ability to play games.
  • There will be a junior badminton practice after school.  This is our last practice before the tournament next week.  If you are unable to make practice please let Mr. Maloney know.
  • Boy's soccer players please drop by the workshop at lunch to see Ms. Stephen about uniform sizes.
  • Pre-order your 2021/2022 yearbook now.  $40.00 for a hardcover, $30.00 for a softcover.  Order online.
  • Short but very important meeting for all cheerleaders in room 106 at 11:35.  We need to arrange rides for Friday, April 8.
  • Mrs. Backus would like to remind all girls interested about Wednesdays soccer tryout after school.  We need at least 4 more girls to help fill the team.  See Mrs. Backus about forms or equipment needs.
  • Apply for Youth at the Booth - Elections Ontario has launched an exciting program called "Youth at the Booth"!  As part of this initiative, they are hiring people aged 16 and older to work as Information Assistants in the upcoming 2022 Ontario general election.  If you want to learn about the election process, gain new skills to add to your resume, and most importantly, get paid -- then this may just be the right opportunity for you.  Anyone 15 years of age and older can apply for the "Youth at the Booth" program today by visiting

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