Above: A green space at Oakland-Scotland Public School.

Grand Erie Goes Green with EcoSchools for 13th Year


Since 2010, Grand Erie schools have been showing up for sustainability in their communities in a big way, examining their environmental impact and identifying unique ways to reduce their footprint through the EcoSchools program. This initiative is designed to teach the importance of environmental learning and climate action so that our community can thrive.  

Above: Students at Delhi Public School take part in an outdoor learning class.

As of 2022, Grand Erie is home to 15 certified EcoSchools, but this is no small undertaking. Being an EcoSchool means committing to a host of activities, projects, campaigns and checkpoints along the way to pass an assessment for the chance to become certified.

So, what does this look like across Grand Erie? Collectively this year, these schools have racked up 7,564 hours of outdoor learning, with 16 trees planted, 397 waste-free lunches, and 102 efficiency-optimized classrooms. To top it off, 67 per cent of Grand Erie schools have been EcoSchool certified for at least five years.

“I am very impressed with the work and effort of these schools (and 13 other schools who started applications this year). The hard work and accomplishments of these schools have not only helped our environment for our current students, but it has also positively impacted our environment for future generations,” said JoAnna Roberto, Director of Education, who herself was an Eco-Hawk, proudly championing environmental conservation efforts as a classroom teacher and school administrator.

Above: An outdoor classroom at Bloomsburg Public School in Waterford featuring new trees.

“The students involved and educators involved are incredible environmental stewards who are changing attitudes and culture within their school, at home and within the wider community.”

The following schools became certified in 2021-2022:

Bronze Certification:

  • Caledonia Centennial Public School
  • Oakland-Scotland Public School
  • Walsh Public School
  • North Ward School

Silver Certification:

  • Lynndale Heights Public School
  • Hagersville Elementary School
  • River Heights School
  • Boston Public School

Gold Certification:

  • Bloomsburg Public School
  • Delhi Public School
  • Jarvis Public School
  • Seneca Central Public School

Platinum Certification:

  • Waterford District High School
  • Brantford Collegiate Institute and Vocational School
  • Onondaga-Brant Public School

Thank you to all schools who participated in the EcoSchool program this year. Your dedication to environmental stewardship for the district is inspiring!

Get Out / Get Active - Colour House Event at Mohawk Park

The whole school participated in our Get Out/Get Active day on Monday, April 24th at Mohawk Park. Students played together in multi-grade Colour House groups as they rotated through 6 stations (scavenger hunt, parachute games, obstacle course, mural painting, play structure and snack). The weather was perfect for some exercise, team building, and co-operative learning.

Pink Shirt Day - February 22, 2017

The students of Echo Place School participated in several activities last month to educate and inspire our students to stand up against bullying and create a welcome, inclusive and safe school environment. Classes worked together to create posters that are now proudly displayed in our hallways.

They also worked in Colour House groups to create a welcome tree at our front entrance. Each student traced their handprint on coloured paper and wrote how they make this school a safe and kind place for everyone. On February 22, our school participated in Pink Shirt Day and classes presented stories and pledges at our school assembly, to share their understanding of the impact that bullying has, and why we will stand up against it.

The Amazing Math Race

On Tuesday, November 29th several families gathered in the gym to participate in our first Amazing Math Race.


Each family was given a passport and travelled from room to room solving fun math challenges. Each page of the passport was given a stamp when the challenge in that room was completed. When the passports were filled, the families returned to the gym for their prizes.



Everyone enjoyed cake, juice and coffee and all families received valuable resources to support their child's math learning at home. It was a great event.

Echo Place News for October 28, 2016

By Mr. Roberts Grade 6/7 class

Click to View the Echo Place News Report

Missing – Sound system

The sound system we use at assemblies for our microphone and to amplify our slide shows has gone missing from the stage area in our gym. The last time it was used was at our last assembly, on Sept. 30th. We have looked high and low, but have be unable to locate our system. It consists of a large amplifier, with multiple knobs and two large speakers. It is a Fender Passport 150 Pro. We are hopeful that if this system has been take out of the school, someone will spot it and let us know. The staff and students are all very sad that our only system has gone missing.


If you have any information about our sound system, please call 905-753-2931

Let's Chalk!

Echo Place Students participate in Let's Chalk Event

Friendship Bench

Our Friendship Bench is created in memory of Mrs. Linington and Mrs. Kauk, who were friends to everyone at Echo Place. This bench will be placed outside in our school yard, and will be used as a place for children to go when they need a friend. Several students from each classroom helped decorate the bench by supplying their painted handprints.

Golden Dustpan Award

At the end of each month, Ms. Reading (Custodian) will award the cleanest classroom with the Golden Dustpan Award. This month, Ms. Mancini and Mrs. Grandpre's JK/SK class was the winner. They will proudly display their trophy in the classroom for the following month.

At the end of the school year, the classroom that won the Golden Dustpan the most times will win a special surprise.

"We Believe In Clean"

September 2016 Golden Dustpan Award Winner: Mrs. Wainwright's Grade 4/5 Class (below)

February 2016 Golden Dustpan Award Winners: Ms Mancini (in for Mrs. Springett) and Mrs. Grandpre's JK/SK Class (below)

January 2016 Golden Dustpan Award Winners: Mrs. Mussi's Grade 1 class (below)

December 2015 Golden Dustpan Award Winners: Mrs. Woodley's Grade 2 class (below)

November 2015 Golden Dustpan Award Winners: Mrs. Springett and Mrs. Grandpre's JK/SK class (below)

October 2015 Golden Dustpan Award Winners: Ms. Barrett's JK/SK class (below)

September 2015 Golden Dustpan Award Winners: Mrs. Mussi's Grade 1 class (below)